The Difference Between Our Trimmed and Untrimmed Chicken Breast

One of the most common questions we receive is about the difference between trimmed and untrimmed chicken breast. Our customers who used to order from “the other” bulk meat company know that we offer something they didn’t: trimmed chicken breast! However, we understand the needs of our frugal families and offer a more affordable untrimmed chicken breast option in addition. As their price points are different, we would like to discuss what you will expect from both boxes and why your family would choose one over the other.

When you receive a trimmed chicken breast box, you can expect to see nothing but breast meat. The extra fees associated with trimmed chicken breasts includes the time equity spent when the chicken breast is harvested. These breasts are hand-trimmed, leaving as much breast meat untouched as possible.

Trimmed chicken is ideal for families who want to use their meat straight away, either in a meal that day, meal prepping for the week or simply to portion and freeze as needed. Trimmed chicken is perfect for families who don’t want to worry about handling their chicken any more than necessary. The difference in price is worth the time saved, knowing that your chicken breast is ready to cook, prep or freeze immediately!

Our bulk trimmed chicken breasts look exactly like the trimmed meats you see in the supermarket, but at a much higher quality & affordable price.

When you receive an untrimmed chicken breast box, you can expect to see patterns of fat on the front, middle and sides of the chicken. This will be similar to what Zaycon offered previously. These breasts have been separated from the rest of the chicken, but the fat has not been removed. Untrimmed chicken is ideal for frugal families who want to make use of the fat or don’t mind spending the time trimming themselves.

Secondly, several of our families make their own chicken stocks and broths using the fatty parts that are not present in our untrimmed boxes. This high-quality chicken breast fat is ideal for creating beautiful slow or pressure cooked chicken stock and broth for their families. The entire breast, fat and all, is extremely nutritious! These rich stocks and broths can then be made into a myriad of delicious dishes, including tortilla soup or chicken, broccoli and rice.

Families who choose untrimmed chicken also love to feel that they are more in control of their meats, and slice the chicken whichever way they feel is best.

Whichever way you choose, your family will love our bulk chicken breast!

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