Easter Hams Are Ready to Order!

If you are looking for one of the finest ham products available on the market, we have you covered with our Smokehouse Reserve Applewood Smoked Ham!

Our Boneless Applewood Smoked Hams are perfect for Easter lunch or dinner.

Our hams are seasonal and only available a few times a year. They are the perfect lunch or dinner staple for spring and all the family get-togethers for the season.

The taste, texture and meal experience is unforgettable. We are pleased to grace your tables with a fine product.

Each box contains 6 hams at around 5.5lbs. each. Each ham is enough to feed around 10 people.

The hams are allergen-friendly! They are free of the top 8 allergens so they are great for the whole family.

This product is catch weight, so anything under 33 lb will be refunded after pickup, so you are paying the exact price per lb.

Order yours today at https://savorybutcher.com/products/meat/pork/boneless-smoked-ham!

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