Free Ticket Giveaway: Join Us in Salt Lake City at the Low-Carb Keto Conference


Are you trying to eat Keto or low-carb? The best way to eat keto and and to stay in ketosis is when you have a wonderful baseline of meats as your diet staple. You want the best meats for keto diet in your corner! 


We are so happy and proud to be able to offer some of the best meats on the market for an affordable price because of the power of group buying in bulk! Because you are buying in bulk with your neighbors, you get a few benefits, but the biggest is the ability to get these meats direct from farm to you in just a few days for a wholesale cost.

We also are overjoyed to hear the testimonies, results and enjoyment that many who are on the keto diet are experiencing being a Savory Butcher customer through their journey!

In fact, Cassie’s (one of the Savory Butcher Co-Founders) own mom uses Savory Butcher meats and has dropped over 60 lbs and seeing a weight and size that she hasn’t been for decades. Cassie’s mom will be at the Keto and Low-Carb Conference in Salt Lake City.

Not only will one of our many keto users be there, but Savory Butcher will also be attending the Keto Conference! We are so excited to be there and share some of the exciting things happening in our meat world to compliment your keto world to make this weight loss journey a tasty, savory, delightful experience!

Now all that is missing is YOU!! We want to giveaway one ticket to the Keto Conference in Salt Lake City for April 26-27.

It’s super easy to enter. The first step is to leave a comment on this blog post commenting on what your favorite Savory Butcher Keto Meats are or which ones you look forward to trying!

Second, be sure to visit and enter your zip code and join the email list for your community to stay up with what’s happening.

Third, fill out the form below and be sure to do the actions for the extra entries.

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