Happy Mother’s Day the Savory Butcher Way

Today is a day of love, celebration, thanksgiving and reflection for the meat in the meat and potatoes of life.

In fact, we hope that you wake up to the amazing Savory Butcher Bacon experience to start off your day.

The Savory Butcher team wants nothing more than to celebrate Moms today. In fact, if it wasn’t for moms, families, husbands and kids all over wouldn’t be able to indulge in the meat treats SB brings to your communities each month.

That brings us to reflect on our beginnings and how caring, mindful moms are to thank for what many families are eating each and every day.

Just last summer, one mom identified that there was a large void left after another company closed. A company that many had grown to love and appreciate but had a rough last year and simply could not recover. As a result, this former company abruptly closed their doors and a void was left open that needed to be filled and filled even better. That mom is Cassie Michael.

After relying on this co-op style meat service for her family for many years and discovering that every other alternative fell short from either quality, freshness or price….there simply wasn’t anything else.

On a mission to solve the crisis of one of the most important parts of any family meal – the meats, Cassie reached out to friend and expressed her desire to see something new start, and this “new something” would operate and be even better than that former company in how things were done. That friend was Erle Adams. Together, they decided to see if they could see something new and better start.

It all started with a Facebook Group.

A few weeks later, to get the ball rolling on this meat co-op, Cassie started a Facebook Group called Community Bulk Meat Buying Co-op to gather grassroots interest and to allow other families to express their desired interest in seeing this grow.

Cassie invited and started with a few friends whom she knew were mindful about both their budget and health when it comes to buying meats. These few friends spread it to their few friends and then it spread more.

After a short time period, a group of moms who stood up, banded together and shouted out “We want better quality meats for a better price!” Savory Butcher was born.

With the first deliveries in Cassie’s own turf of Utah the end of August 2018, Moms (and dads!) all over have joined with their communities to support a grassroots effort in bringing good quality meats back to their tables and enjoying many extra benefits that a former similar company did not have.  In fact, there have been passionate moms in each community that has stepped up and worked hard in spreading the word to bring Savory Butcher to the neighborhood so that families in that community can enjoy the blessing of good, healthy meats without breaking the bank.

Thank you to the moms all over the country!

Today, Savory Butcher is a growing, happy, healthy meats company that runs co-op style and the cooperation has primarily come from the fine women and mothers that we take for granted each day.

Because of moms, you get to enjoy that amazing bacon that you have a craving each day. Or how about that fine chicken that comes fresh, and amazing quality? And I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat any other beef than the natural, fresh beef that comes direct from the farms into my home. In fact, I can hardly eat any other bacon, chicken and beef from anywhere else because of the value that Savory Butcher brings to my family’s table. That value being an amazing price for a quality, fresh product that can’t be found anywhere else.

THANK YOU MOM for being a part of something HUGE! As per usual, the moms’ work in this area is a blessing received by many.

So now we want to take a moment and reflect on the Moms who make this company happen and keep it rollin’ each and every day! In fact, it is a dream team to run a company that blesses many others from home while being able to be at home with kids!


Cassie’s first and primary job is being a mom to her six kids at home. But while being “mom” first and foremost, she has a passion for helping people make the best use of their money in whatever project she takes on. When it comes to food, she is both a budget-conscious and health-conscious shopper and wants to provide the best quality for her family for less.

She has also been the blogger behind the blog TheThriftyCouple.com for nine years with her husband. In that time, she has reached millions with a healthy, frugal living tips and ideas. She is also a co-author of The 2% Rule To Get Debt Free Fast book that is filled with lots of ideas and ways to save to become debt-free and meet financial goals. One of those topics discussed in her book is the idea behind food co-ops.

She has talked about food co-ops for years on her blog as one of the primary ways she saves on good food for her family time and again. But since there was a sudden void in the summer of 2018 for this type of option for families everywhere when it came to meats, her new passion became helping families in another new way by helping to fill this major void. Meat is one of a family’s grocery staples and this is the best and consistent way to save on this diet staple, thus it became a new passion for Cassie!


Vanessa is a stay-at-home mom to 4 amazing kids from age 3-15. Vanessa found the Savory Butcher through the grass roots Facebook group in her local community. She was one of the first members and first customers. She voluntarily stepped up to help answer questions and provide assistance to the Savory Butcher community. When the time came for official help, Cassie reached out to Vanessa first to offer her the position of Executive Assistant because of how she stood out in the community group as a help and blessing to all! Vanessa has been a part of the Savory Butcher Team since January 2019 and is the direct assistant to Cassie. Vanessa is a Georgia native, but currently lives in Utah! In fact, 1 month into Vanessa and Cassie’s working relationship, they found out that they are practically neighbors, living only a couple of blocks from each other. This has been a surprise blessing, having the opportunity to work face-to-face in a company filled with work-at-home-moms from all over the country!


Calli is a former school teacher who is now stay-at-home mom to 2 adorable little boys age 1 and 4. Calli is also Cassie’s baby sister and was the first employee, being with Cassie and Erle from the beginning.  She has been here since day #2 and Calli is in charge of logistics and locations coordinator. She is behind the scenes making it possible for those trucks to come to a parking lot near you! Cassie and Erle could not have done this without Calli’s behind-the-scenes work!


Josie is Erle’s wife, so has naturally been with us from the beginning. You likely have had the opportunity to meet her smiling face at one of our pickups as she very frequently will come on site to help out! While she is helping with deliveries, Josie actually takes care of most of our Customer Service needs and so you may be blessed to have the chance to talk with her over the phone.She and Erle have 6 kids, 2 still at home and lives in Spokane, Washington.


Lindsay and Cassie met shortly after Cassie helped start Savory Butcher. Lindsay was a customer of the former company as well and so she was so excited to see what Cassie was doing and wanted to be a part of the dream and the team so other moms can enjoy what we do! She is one of our designers and WordPress developer, as well as a mom of 2 highly energetic boys. Her focus is on creating empowering and conversion-focused tools for the business. She lives in the sunshine state with her family and enjoys visiting all of the local theme parks with them.


Alexandrea is a new mom of one sweet baby boy! She is also a Pinterest pro and manages the Savory Butcher Pinterest page. Alex has a deep passion and excitement for what Savory Butcher is bringing to communities all over. She grew up on a farm herself and runs a farm in the South East today, while helping to see Savory Butcher grow through online means.  Alex calls the great state of Mississippi home!

Josie K.

Josie is a successful blogger in the great state of California (or SOCAL). She is in the same niche’ as Cassie and Cassie have known each other for nearly a decade, being in the same blogging circles. Josie was also huge fan and promoter of the former meat company as a blogger as well. So Josie felt the bad sting of them closing. When she discovered what Cassie was doing, she called Cassie up and said “I want to help you because I love what you are doing and I have a passion for it too!” and now Cassie and Josie work very closely together to help spread the word about Savory Butcher with the online world through Facebook. Josie calls SoCal home as she gets to work from home with her 3 amazing kids.


Taylor is a work-at-home mom to one little girl and expecting her second child. She is a phenomenal web designer that has given Savory Butcher a makeover that will be revealed in Spring of 2019. Taylor calls the great state of Michigan home.


Carol is the sweetest and most kind ladies you will ever meet! She is a former Zaycon employee and she is past retirement age, but needs to support herself and her ill adult daughter who her lives with her, whom she provides daily care for. Carol has a selfless heart as she cares for so many. While at Zaycon, she had the ability to work from home to help with logistics and finding locations for the trucks to come. So when Zaycon closed, she lost her job and was put in a very tough financial situation. She learned about Savory Butcher and reached out to Cassie asking for a job as a former Zaycon employee that was burned by their closure but had amazing skills to bring to the table. Cassie brought Carol on as soon as she could. We are thrilled to have Carol part of our team, while working from home to care for her daughter. She works closely with Calli behind-the-scenes to make this all happen! Carol calls Spokane WA home!


Rorie is a stay-at-home, work-at-home single mom to 5 kids! Rorie is the mom behind our Instagram channel and brings you meaty joy through the photos and posts she shares from the Savory Butcher family. Rorie lives in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia with her five kids. In addition to providing for her family, serving in her church, and copious amounts of hiking, she is currently pursuing her degree in Applied Management at Brigham Young University – Idaho.


Lynne is our newest team member from the sunny state of AZ! Lynne and Cassie have been friends for a few years, both being homeschool moms! Lynne is a mother of 5, most of which are adults and leaving the nest. Lynne has found herself wanting to help provide a little bit of financial support in this next stage of her life for her family and her husband who is a Pastor in Phoenix, AZ, but be able to work from home. Lynne is a super fun, bubbly, extra social, lovable lady and so when the need arose for more Customer Service agents, Lynne was Cassie’s first pick because she is incredibly fun to talk to! If you have a Customer Service need, you may find this adorable agent with a Scottish accent on the other end! Lynne calls the great state of Arizona home.

Finally – from one mom to another – THANK YOU to all of you that are feeding your family healthier, quality meats, uplifting your communities through a good meats co-op and empowering other moms to be able to do the same for their families and communities

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