June Foodie Host of the Month: Erin Chase of 5 Dollar Dinners and MyFreezEasy

Here at Savory Butcher, not only do we empower families to eat well by giving them easier access to healthier, cleaner meats, but we also provide the tools to make getting dinner on the table fast.

Our one-of-kind premier program in helping families to turn our fresh, delicious meats into amazing meals at home is through our Foodie Host of the Month program!

Not only is this a FREE program for our customers, but it’s an EXCLUSIVE program for our customers that gives them exclusive free access to paid meal plans or to custom made meal plans for only Savory Butcher customers.

NOTICE: Join us at 1:30 CST for a LIVE interview between Savory Butcher Co-Founder, Cassie and $5 Dinner Mom, Erin Chase on our Facebook page HERE

How to take part in the Foodie Host of the Month program:

  • Each month, there will be a certain Savory Butcher meat product (or two) that will qualify for the free meal plan with purchase that month.
  • When you purchase the specified product, you will receive an email with the meal plan so that you can prepare ahead of delivery day. You will also receive it in a second email with your pick up reminder.
  • The Foodie Host of the Month is a celebrity blogger each month who specializes in a particular style, taste or method to cooking, will choose the Savory Butcher meat products that they will create and provide their meal plans around. Some choose chicken, some beef and some a variety!  We have an extremely high caliber of celebrity bloggers that we team up with month after month and many have written many best-selling cookbooks.
  • When you purchase the product that month that they are “hosting,” that’s when you will receive that meal plan for free!
  • In addition, you will find our celebrity blogger and foodie expert all over our social media and even watch for the “live” postings to know when you can head to Facebook and watch a live cooking demonstration or tips.
  • Our Foodie Host will also be available in our private group on Facebook so you can ask questions, ask for cooking advice, get tips and suggestions and make the most of your Savory Butcher purchase!

Our June Foodie Host of the Month and the Meat of the Month

It is with as much excitement as we can muster through a computer screen that we get to announce one of our all-time favorite celebrity food bloggers  – Erin Chase from 5DollarDinners.com and MyFreezEasy.com.

Erin chase is also the author of several cookbooks and here’s a few of them you make recognize:

But not only does she have many cookbooks, she is most known for helping families eat on a budget through her meal plans. She also has grocery budget makeover courses and many more tools to help make life easier!

For the month of June, Erin has chosen to create a meal plan around our most popular product, our chicken breast products! 

As customers of Savory Butcher, if you order a case of our chicken breast, you will receive a meal plan for free! This is an extra $10 value!

The meal plan will provide all the resources needed from shopping lists, to recipes to cooking tips, to make 20 freezer meals from 40 lbs of chicken! That means you can cook once and eat all summer, while being able to play and enjoy summer with the kids!

The products that qualify for this free meal plan this month are:

As a little secret….we are also automatically including this meal plan for free with anyone that also ordered one of the above products in May as most will be picking it up in June, so we didn’t want to exclude you!

About Erin’s 20 Chicken Breast Freezer Meal Plan:

In addition to the weekly subscription meal plan, I also have several “freezer cooking meal plans” available. In February 2016, I launched a brand new website where all of my new freezer cooking meal plans will “live.”

MyFreezEasy Freezer Cooking Meal Plans will help you prepare 20 delicious meals to load into your freezer in less than two hours. Cook once for all chicken dinners all summer!

Step 1: Prep & load ingredients for 20 meals, starting with the Savory Butcher Chicken Breast as the key ingredient for all the meals.

(Yes, it will only take less than a couple of hours to get all the ingredients into the right baggies and trays! I’ll show you how!)

Step 2: Freeze your meals.

Step 3: Thaw and cook.

(Don’t worry…I’ll teach you how to quickly and safely thaw the food if you forget to pull it out the night before. It happens to me all the time!)

Step 4: Serve dinner without fuss or stress!

I will teach and equip you with a key strategy and set of tools and resources that will:

  • Help you to save time in the kitchen
  • Help you save money on your groceries
  • Help you achieve financial freedom or your next financial goal
  • Make getting dinner on the table less overwhelming
  • Give you more time to spend with your family
  • Help you get organized and finally feel like you can get a delicious, wholesome dinner on the table without losing your mind!

Here’s what Elaine had to say about the FreezEasy meal plan she tried: 

“Erin, I loved everything about the ease and organization with which you set everything up. I have found the biggest thing is staying organized with freezer meals and some plans or pinterest links haven’t been especially planned out on the other end. I liked that you had the file and spreadsheet. Everything turned out great and it was easy to follow using your directions. I also liked that you put variations in your directions based on different diets.

This is a service that Erin charges for, but as an exclusive Savory Butcher customer benefit, you will receive this service for FREE in June only!

What we recommend:

  • Order your case of chicken HERE
  • After your order, login and grab your referral link and send to 5 friends and “gift” them $5 off their case of chicken (and you will earn $5 to spend in the future when you do)
  • Plan to meet together and plan a freezer meal day with your 5 closest friends!
  • Pick up the chicken on the specified day and time (and guess what, one of you can pick up for all!)
  • Make your freezer meals with friends and enjoy cooking together
  • Eat all summer without hassle!

Join us by ordering chicken in June 



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