July Savory Butcher Foodie Host of the Month: Once A Month Meals

Are you looking for a great meal plan for our Savory Sampler Mixed Meats Box? Well, we are so happy to introduce the July Savory Butcher Foodie Host of the Month: Tricia Callahan from Once A Month Meals

July Savory Butcher Foodie Host of the Month Once A Month Meals is a one-of-kind program where we offer free meal plans with a special meat purchase each month. This is a way for us to empower families even more to be able to eat well on a budget.

Not only is this a FREE program for our customers, but it’s an EXCLUSIVE program for our customers that gives them exclusive free access to paid meal plans or to custom made meal plans for only Savory Butcher customers.

How to take part in the July Savory Butcher Foodie Host of the Month program:

  • Each month, there will be a certain Savory Butcher meat product (or two) that will qualify for the free meal plan with purchase that month.
  • When you purchase the specified product, you will receive an email with the meal plan so that you can prepare ahead of delivery day. You will also receive it in a second email with your pick up reminder.
  • The Foodie Host of the Month is a celebrity blogger each month who specializes in a particular style, taste or method to cooking, will choose the Savory Butcher meat products that they will create and provide their meal plans around. Some choose chicken, some beef and some a variety!  We have an extremely high caliber of celebrity bloggers that we team up with month after month and many have written many best-selling cookbooks.
  • When you purchase the product that month that they are “hosting,” that’s when you will receive that meal plan for free!
  • In addition, you will find our celebrity blogger and foodie expert all over our social media and even watch for the “live” postings to know when you can head to Facebook and watch a live cooking demonstration or tips.
  • Our Foodie Host will also be available in our private group on Facebook so you can ask questions, ask for cooking advice, get tips and suggestions and make the most of your Savory Butcher purchase!

Our July Foodie Host of the Month and the Meat of the Month

Your July 2019 Savory Butcher Foodie Host of the Month is Tricia Callahan from Once A Month Meals. 

Tricia started Once a Month Meals to help busy families today eat together and cook ahead of time and cook once a month so that there can be more time for things that really matter during those busy weeknights.

Once a Month Meals gives you everything you need to shop, prep and cook a bulk of your monthly meals in just one day — and freeze those meals for when you want to eat them.

Once a Month Meals is an affordable monthly meal planning service that can be customized to your diet and desires. But Tricia has graciously provided a free meal plan for July’s Savory Butcher customers that purchase our very popular Savory Sampler Mixed Meats Box.

July 2019 Savory Butcher Foodie Host of the Month Once A Month Meals

Our Savory Sampler Mixed Meats Box includes total 26 hearty pounds of our most popular meat staples and is enough meats for a month for a family of 4!

Inside the Savory Sampler Mixed Meats box, you will find:

  •  10 lbs natural, trimmed chicken breast
  • 10 lbs natural, 93/7 ground beef
  • 6 lbs of our signature, gold label, thick cut bacon

Not only can you get all of your meats fresh, direct, finest quality and healthy – but it ends up being the best value meat box on the internet, providing either double the meats or half the price of all of the competitors on the web! And our’s comes fresh, right from the farm!

So in the month of July – you get to have your meat cake and eat it too with this offer for the free meal plan with purchase! This is an extra $10 value!

Savory Butcher Savory Sampler Mixed Meats Box Best Value

How To Get This Month’s Free Meal Plan:

  • Order your Savory Sampler HERE (They do sell out fast per area, so don’t delay!)
  • After your order, login and grab your referral link and send to 5 friends and “gift” them $5 off their first order and recommend the Savory Sampler so they can try all of our headliner products, get $5 off AND a FREE meal plan (and you will earn $5 to spend in the future when you do)
  • Plan to meet together and plan a freezer meal day with your 5 closest friends!
  • Pick up the Savory Sampler on the specified day and time (and guess what, one of you can pick up for all!)
  • Make your freezer meals with friends and enjoy cooking together
  • Eat all summer without hassle!

Join us by ordering a Savory Sampler in July

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